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Local Area Authors

The Sly Fox supports many of its local area authors (Central Illinois) by stocking their books in the store.  This list covers many of them.  But others may be found at for adult books or at

In the latest novel in the beloved Highland Bookshop Mystery Series, a murder at a baronial manor leads to a poisonous game of cat and mouse—with the women of Yon Bonnie Books playing to win. After 93 well-lived years, Violet MacAskill is ready to simplify her life. Her eccentric solution? She’ll th ... Read More about
Usually Ships in 1 to 5 Days
Susan Furlong
Previous price: $19.95 Current price: $17.95
A picture-perfect suburban life fractures . . . and a darker reality bubbles beneath the surface. Mona Ellison's life is as perfect as the porcelain dolls lined up on her shelves. She has a successful husband, a loving son, a beautiful home, and a supportive group of girlfriends ever ready for their ... Read More about
Usually Ships in 1 to 5 Days
Becca Kinzer
Current price: $15.99
Limited number of signed copies available at the store. He thinks she's an elderly widow. She's convinced he's a grumpy old man. Neither could be further from the truth. After a short and difficult marriage, recently widowed Edith Sherman has learned her lesson. Forget love. Forget marriage. She pla ... Read More about
Usually Ships in 1 to 5 Days
Madeline Smith
Current price: $17.95
A Prairie State BookSupported by Nettie Lou SamuelsA surefire cure for the headaches and stomach upsets of the twenty-first century, The Lemon Jelly Cake carries readers back to kinder, gentler times in a small town at the turn of the last century. Evoking a forgotten America of lush lawns, bountifu ... Read More about
Special Order
C. Ed Traylor
Current price: $24.00
Puffs of steam still drifted from the twisted wreckage of the car as Trooper James Kincaid was completing his assessment of the accident scene in the darkness of that frosty November morning. In his twenty-two years as an Illinois State Police officer, Kincaid had responded to numerous calls like t ... Read More about
Usually Ships in 1 to 5 Days
Teressa Shelton
Current price: $16.95
In this gripping and intimate memoir of growing up with an abusive father, Teressa Shelton delivers a story of survival and redemption. ... Read More about
Usually Ships in 1 to 5 Days
Southwestern Illinois experienced a plethora of violence during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Settlers and Native Americans clashed at the Wood River Settlement, while Abraham Lincoln dueled on a Mississippi River island. Racial strife led to the lynching of a Black schoolteacher in Bellev ... Read More about
Special Order
Larry P. Mahan, Donna J. Mahan
Current price: $21.95
One of the unique and most scenic treasures in the Midwest, the Shawnee National Forest spans more than 279,000 acres deep in southern Illinois. The natural beauty, stunning vistas, and diverse flora and fauna of this picturesque region invite exploration by all who love nature. This easy-to-use gui ... Read More about
Special Order
Selected as a 2023 Independent Press Award - Distinguished Favorite Enjoy the world of colorful birds as they chirp, cheep, and squawk throughout various short stories. Five different varieties of birds are used in the stories; each story focuses on the use of a certain verb. The verb tenses are ... Read More about
Usually Ships in 1 to 5 Days
A lake is a body of water, but it can also be the place of community. During the 1930s, a small creek in central Illinois was dammed and flooded to provide water and power to a growing nearby city. The place was already rich with history, dotted with 10,000 years of archaeological remains, crossed b ... Read More about
Special Order
Chelsea McGlothlin
Current price: $19.99
Let your imagination run wild as you go on an adventure exploring what it would be like to live in a zoo with various animals from all over the world from reptiles to primates and bears to birds. Where will your journey take you? ... Read More about
Usually Ships in 1 to 5 Days
Jessica Rubinkowski
Current price: $17.99
Perfect for fans of Leigh Bardugo and Sara Raasch, this epic finale complete with high-stakes action and page-turning romance delivers a thrilling conclusion to Jessica Rubinkowski’s Russian folklore–based YA fantasy duology. Surviving the ill-fated expedition to Knnot, Valeria, Alik, and the other ... Read More about
Special Order
Cynthia Roemer
Current price: $14.99
After suffering disabling burns during the fall of Richmond, Adelaide Hanover awakens in a hospital alone and destitute, escalating her already stanch hatred for Yankees. When the Union soldier who freed her from the rubble begins paying her visits, she wants nothing to do with him ... or his faith. ... Read More about
Usually Ships in 1 to 5 Days
Debra Daugherty
Current price: $23.99
Helping a loved one remember what they have forgotten.  Amelia's grandmother doesn't remember her because she has dementia, but Amelia is determined to find a way to help. She knows that if she can get her grandmother to talk about the stories she's told Amelia over the years, then it will help br ... Read More about
Usually Ships in 1 to 5 Days
Jessica Burkhart
Current price: $8.99
From the author of the Canterwood Crest series comes the first book in a middle grade series about an equestrian boarding school following a girl who struggles to keep her eyes on the prize while receiving anonymous threats. Abby St. Clair can’t wait to start another season with her elite riding tea ... Read More about
Usually Ships in 1 to 5 Days